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Eden Relay

Eden Relay connects Ethereum validators to a network of block builders in order to maximize validator yield. Block builders constantly compete to find the most profitable blocks to deliver to validators.

The relay is compatible with the MEV-Boost ecosystem and especially useful for:

  • Validators who want to outsource their block production
  • Block Builders who want to submit blocks to validators

Relay Info

Validator Guides

Connect to Eden Relay and maximize your yield as a validator or validator pool. There are two ways to connect to the Eden Relay:

  1. (Recommended) Connect to Eden Relay using MEV-Boost - Guide
  2. (Not Recommended) Connect to Eden Relay using Builder API - Guide

Block Builders

Apply to be a block builder on Eden Network in our Discord channel #block-builders.

Open Source

The Eden Relay codebase is available on Github

Censorship Policy