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Introduction to the Eden Network

What is Eden Network?

Eden is an optional, non-consensus breaking transaction ordering protocol for Ethereum blocks which allows network participants to guarantee placement and protection from arbitrary reordering. The system offers a transparent and fair set of rules to order transactions within each block. An accompanying token reward system realizes MEV profits to block producers to maximize network security.

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What problem does Eden solve?

Eden takes a user-focused approach to the MEV problem that includes stronger incentives for all participants driven by a protocol token. Instead of sharing transactions across the network that are visible for frontrunning, users without any specialized knowledge may submit private transactions via the Eden Network in order to obtain state guarantees around any submitted transaction.

What are the goals of Eden Network?

  • Improve earnings for block producers and increase consensus-level security
  • Protect users from malicious MEV (frontrunning, sandwich attacks, etc.) and reduce the negative externalities MEV has on Ethereum
  • Tokenize MEV, and democratize access to it using network token incentives

Who is Eden Network for?

Block producers

Block producers on the Eden Network receive a new, guaranteed stream of income for their participation. Improved earnings for block producers increases consensus level security.


Applications can stake EDEN to become Slot Tenants and rent priority block space in order to provide the best execution guarantees to their users.

DeFi Users

DeFi users can stake EDEN to gain access to the Eden Relay, where transactions are processed privately.
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