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Eden Network is devoted to minimizing the negative externalities of MEV (Miner/Maximally Extractable Value).

Simultaneously, we want to ensure that validators have access to tools that allow them to unlock the maximum value from the remaining opportunities.

Eden consists of distinct (but related) products for the Ethereum ecosystem:

  1. Eden RPC A set of endpoints that protect Ethereum users from malicious MEV (i.e. frontrunnning, sandwich attacks)
  2. Eden Relay A suite of tools for Ethereum validators and builders to maximize their revenue
  3. Eden Bundles An endpoint for sophisticated MEV searchers to submit bundles to a network of builders
  4. Eden Bundler (ERC-4337) A public alpha bundler endpoint for wallets, dApps, SDKs, and users to implement Account Abstraction
  5. Ethereum Mempool Stream A NEW alpha endpoint for block builders, searchers, and dApps to subscribe to pending transactions from Ethereum's public mempool.
  6. Public Data A NEW set of public datasets for builders, searchers, researchers.

We welcome you to join in the discussion on our Discord or view/contribute to our source code on Github