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Eden RPC

Eden RPC makes it easy for everyday users and developers to use Eden for frontrunning protection. It's as simple as adding a URL to your MetaMask.

Eden RPC is an RPC endpoint that users can add to their wallets which sends their transactions to Eden builders powering the Eden Relay where they are guaranteed not to be frontrun in Eden blocks (they may still be included in uncle blocks). Learn more in our quick start guide.


  • Ethereum:
  • Goerli:

RPC Comparison

RPCTransaction ConfidentialityInclusion Speed
Speed RPCNone (Public)Fastest 🏎🏎🏎
Eden Rocket RPCSome (Eden and other repuatable builders)Fast 🏎
Eden RPCMax (Eden builders only)Slow 🐢

Eden Rocket RPC

If you want to have your transactions included as soon as possible, but with fewer guarantees try Eden Rocket RPC.