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Welcome to Eden

Eden Network is devoted to minimizing the negative externalities of MEV (Miner/Maximally Extractable Value).

Simultaneously, we want to ensure that validators have access to tools that allow them to unlock the maximum value from the remaining opportunities.

Eden consists of 4 distinct (but related) products for the Ethereum ecosystem:

  1. Eden RPC A set of endpoints that protect Ethereum users from malicious MEV (i.e. frontrunnning, sandwich attacks)
  2. Eden Relay A suite of tools for Ethereum validators and builders to maximize their revenue
  3. Eden Bundles An endpoint for sophisticated MEV searchers to submit bundles to a network of builders
  4. 👀 Eden Bundler A NEW public alpha bundler endpoint for wallets, dApps, SDKs, and users to implement Account Abstraction

We welcome you to join in the discussion on our Discord or view/contribute to our source code on Github