Getting Started
Slot Tenants rent prioritized block space in Eden Blocks


Eden Blocks contain three slots, which are reserved for prioritized transactions. Slot Tenants may use the reserved block space to send multiple transactions per block, though are limited to 1.5M gas per slot.
If all three slot owners send transactions at once, the Eden Network will prioritize transactions as follows: Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3. (See Eden Block Production).
Use it or lose it!
Slot Tenants pay for the option to use their priority position over time. Fees are time-based and accrue regardless if the reserved block space is actually used or not.

Becoming a Slot Tenant

Slot Tenants are determined through a continuous auction mechanism ("Harberger Tax"). Slot Tenants pay a continuous fee for the position, up to a maximum fee of their total bid amount.
  • 3.3% daily fee collected linearly and continuously
  • Entire bid takes approximately 30 days to be fully spent
  • The only way to collect your balance is if you are outbid, at which point your staked balance minus fees will be returned.
Read carefully before you bid for a slot!
Your entire bid amount may be taken as a fee.
Bidding for a slot requires that you bid 10% or more than the current slot owner. Should you outbid the current Slot Tenant and become the new Slot Tenant, those rights will be transferred to you and take effect on the subsequent block.

Slot Delegate Address

As a Slot Tenant, you may delegate an address. Any transactions sent to this address will be prioritized until the gas limits.
There are many ways to integrate. For example:
  • Oracle (e.g. Band Protocol): delegate to oracle updater contract so oracle updates are prioritized in Eden Blocks
  • DEX (e.g. Sushi): delegate to router contract so trades are prioritized in Eden Blocks
  • Trading firm: Delegate to a permissioned proxy contract so only their trades are able to utilize the gas limit and be prioritized in Eden Blocks
  • CEX: Delegate to a normal EOA so user deposits appear faster