Eden Block Production
Transaction Ordering Rules for the Eden Network
The Eden Network adds additional transaction ordering rules on to the existing rules to produce valid Ethereum blocks, including the requirement for all transactions to pay the base fee in ETH being introduced by EIP-1559.

Hierarchy of Eden Blocks

The basic hierarchy of a block for the Eden Network follows:
  1. 1.
    Slot Tenants
  2. 2.
    Transaction Bundles
  3. 3.
    EDEN Stakers
  4. 4.
    Public Transaction Pool
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Note: all parameters in bold below are tunable by governance.

Slot Tenants

Eden Network creates a new class of transactions that get priority above all other transactions in Eden Blocks. There are 3 slots (Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3) which are rented by slot tenants. Slot tenants stake EDEN tokens for the slots, which are effectively burned over time.
Each slot tenant may delegate an address to prioritize. Any transactions sent "to" this address will be prioritized within Eden Blocks.
  • A maximum gas limit applies per block for each slot: up to 1.5M gas.
  • In case a slot is not used in a given block, the unused block space goes to other transactions.
  • In case a slot's gas limit is exceeded, transactions to the delegate address will be treated according to the regular transaction criteria.
Slots are always for sale via a continuous auction mechanism known as a Harberger tax. Each Slot is its own separate auction. If a Slot Tenant is outbid, they simply lose the Slot instead of being pushed to the following Slot.
  • Slot Tenants are taxed on a continuous and linear basis on the initial principle of their stake (3.3% per day)
  • Any user can outbid an existing Slot Tenant by staking a minimum of 110% of the stake of the existing Slot Tenant.
  • In the event that another user outbids the current Slot Tenant, the original Slot Tenant is immediately eligible to claim any untaxed balance.
  • IMPORTANT: Being outbid is the only way to recover an untaxed balance.

Transaction Bundles

Block producers may optionally accept transaction bundles.
Transaction bundles are included after any Slot Tenant transactions, but before transactions from regular Ethereum/Eden users. There is a maximum gas limit for bundles (4M).

Regular Transactions

Regular users may stake a minimum of 100 EDEN in exchange for transaction ordering priority and for the option to submit transactions that will not be gossiped to other nodes, which provides enhanced privacy and attack protection.
Regular transactions may be included from the Eden network and/or from the public Ethereum transaction pool. Eden Block Producers are encouraged to fill blocks as much as possible.
These transactions will be ordered first by the originating account's staked EDEN balance, then by ETH tip introduced in EIP-1559. These transactions will come after the Slot Tenant and Transaction Bundle area of the block.


Block construction in Eden